Behold. The outstanding comedic talent of Atlanta. They is a quirky bunch, eh?

Establishing profiles for each and every comedian of Atlanta is a goal of ours and is a work-in-progress. If you do not yet have a filled out and completed profile, please send the following to

  • Short bio (200 words, or less) 
  • Links to Social Networks
  • Preferred Email for Listing
  • Link to YouTube Video (optional, but recommended) 
  • Years Performing
  • Short Joke/Quote About Yourself
  • Comedic Influences

Once you have completed this process, give us some time to get you up on the site. We’ll notify you when your profile has gone live, with heavily embedded SEO, so that you can be found as an Atlanta comedian.

Regardless if you have a profile yet, or not, all performing Atlanta comedians should be listed here. If you are not listed, then please contact us at the above mentioned email address and we’ll get your name added to the list.

A.k. Bjorn Andrew George Andrew Wright
Andy Sandford Anthony Todaro Anthony Dahlen
Ashima Franklin Austin Chardac Barry Wright
Ben Evans Ben Owen Ben Palmer
Ben Popkin Bo Guthrie Bo Micadelic
Bob Place Bob Wood Brad Binkley
Brian Bannon Brian Emond Brian Supan
Caleb Synan Carlos Valencia Carlos Anthony
Celeste Echols Chelcie Rice
Chesta Drake Chris Marler Chris Landry
Chris Mello Christian Saslo Clayton English
Comedian Demakco Joshua Ferguson Keno Trice
Katrina Braxton Comedienne Luelue Connor Barrett
Conrad Bromberek Cris Gray Curtis Smythe
Cynthia Bateman Cynthia Johnson Damion Mrinappropriate
Damon Sumner Dan Mengini Daniel Glazer
Daniel Weeks Dave Stone David Boyd
David Ht Rosen David Gamble David Perdue
Debra Cole Don Cooper Dre Dukk Corder
Dulce Sloan Eric Fier Erica Jane
Eunice Elliott Evan Fowler Felix Jordan
Gilbert Lawand Glenn Allen Greg Behrens
Hank Denson Harold Kizzapps Ian Aber
Ingrid Manchot J.A. Anderson Jake Head
James Peck Jamie Bendall Jamie Ward
Jarrod Harris Jason Barnes Jay Revis
Jay Ward Jed Fearon Jeff Dearman
Jeremy Mesi Jermondo Jones Jerry Truman
Jim Lehner Joe Gallois
Joe Pettis Joe Zimmerman Joel Byars
John Graf John-Michael Bond Joseph Emerson Brown
Josh Chudnovsky Josh Harris Josh Honeycutt
Joyelle Nicole Johnson JStar Atlanta Justin Charles Harris
Justin Ledlow Karen Hilton Kaseem Bentley
Kathryn Claypool Keenan Burton Kevin Dwyer
Kevin Saucier Kiana Dancie Kim Huapaya
Kris Niblock Krishna Prasad Lace Larrabee
Comedian Landry Laura Austin Laura Lewis
Lowrie Scott Taylor Madeline Hatter Mark King
Mark Podojil Mark Serdula Marshall Chiles
Matt Benjamin Matty Litwack Matt O’Meara
Matt Pharr Matt White Menuhin Hart
Mia Jackson Michael Albanese Mike Dowe
Michael Haun Michael Humphrey Michael Kashani
Mike Kaiser Natalie Glaser Neal Reddy
Neel Nanda Neil Bansil Nica Russell
Nick Foster Nick Trammell Nicole Chiles
Noah Gardenswartz Noe Gonzalez Odinaka Ezeokoli
Paige Bowman Patton Smith Paul Gallois
Paul Hoover Pete Luovice Pete Peterson
Petey Smith-McDowell Phillip M. Branch Remi Treuer
Reza Asgari Rob Haze Robin Henry
Rotknee Leete Ryan DeNisco Sabrina Smith
Salvatore Insinga Sarah McCoy Shalewa Sharpe
Shellie Schmals Shep Slater Sped Hed
Steph Swain Stephen Kearse Steve Mills
Steven Haigh Steven Knows Steven R. Denham
Sue Ryerson Tammy Imig Tanner Inman
Thom Bossert Thomas Jenkins Tim Miller
Tim Gonzalez TJ Young Tom Simmons
Trey Dunn Tushar Singh Vanessa Fraction
Viet Huynh Vinny Bucci Vinny Longo
Walt Davis Wellington Juku Woody Batilaran
Woody McAdams Zooman Miller



  1. David Gamble. He’s the host of the FNS podcast and a funny dude.

    Posted by Jamie's Comedy Rant | June 13, 2011, 6:30 pm

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